Crimson Singles is Tinder, but for Destiny


Swipe right on their initiative

Five days ago a user on the Destiny reddit page suggested, “Someone should make a Tinder app for Crimson Doubles.” Over the weekend, that become a reality as reddit’s sjmorrow and sicemsam teamed up over three days to make Crimson Singles. For those that don’t know — as a family man, I had to do some research — Tinder is a popular online dating app.

The website apes Tinder’s “yes” or “no” swipes on potential partners. “You can register an account, set your Gamertag or PSN ID, and create your guardians in the app. Once you have guardians created on your profile, you can ‘Activate’ a guardian for matchmaking. You will then be shown a card stack of all other guardians that are also looking for matches. Once your activated guardian expires, you will need to activate another one.”

The site is still in “alpha pre-release,” but if you struggle to make friends that want to play video games with you, feel free to swipe away.

Someone DID make a Tinder app for Crimson Doubles. Introducing [reddit]