Croteam surprise releases a new Serious Sam roguelike on Steam Early Access


It looks kind of fun, too

Developer Croteam has stealth released a brand new Serious Sam title on Steam. A roguelike, top-down shooter, Serious Sam: Tormental sees players jumping into the mind of ancient Egyptian god Mental to stop him from doing bad things…or something. Serious Sam games aren’t known for their intricate lore.

From the trailer, it looks like this will be a twin stick shooter. You can jump over obstacles, circle strafe opponents, and play with your buddy in co-op. That’s basically every Serious Sam is, minus the first-person perspective.

The game is currently available on Steam for $11.99. Croteam has stated that development of the title will take roughly two to three months as it continues to add features it has planned. The price will increase when the game is officially finished, so you can grab it now to get it for relatively cheap.

There’s a new Serious Sam game out right now on Steam [VG 24/7]