Crusader Kings 2's Horse Lords expansion brings in the Khans


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Paradox Interactive has unveiled the eighth and latest expansion to the kill-your-child-and-marry-their-wife simulator Crusader Kings 2.

Titled Horse Lords, the latest expansion lets you become the great Khan. As in Genghis of the Turkic and Mongol tribes, not Star Trek or The Jungle Book. Just so we’re clear. There’s a trailer up top if you’re still not sure, but you definitely don’t get to be a tiger. Sorry.

Paradox has this to say about the expansion:

The nomadic invasions of the Mongol and Turkic steppe tribes transformed the history of Europe, the Near East and much of Asia. Genghiz Khan built the largest contiguous land empire the world has ever seen. And now Paradox Development Studios brings you the clan politics, the mighty hordes and the migratory push for new lands that will bring this exciting and vibrant culture to life.

Nomadic rule, clan politics, armies of horsemen and archers, the great Silk Road trade network, a bigger map, forts, and tributaries to get your khan a bit more money will all be added to the game.

When all this is happening, we don’t know other than “very soon.”