Crying Suns is free on the Epic Games Store and Star Wars Battlefront II is on deck


Something different for FTL fans to sink into

The Epic Games Store has an interesting one-two punch lined up for sci-fi roguelite fans and anyone who’s held off getting Star Wars Battlefront II. The holidays are over but the free games must continue.

Starting today, you can claim the strategy title Crying Suns for your bustling PC library, and while it doesn’t reach the highs of the arguably best-in-class FTL, it’s of a similar mood – you might dig it.

Following that freebie, the Epic Store will give out Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition – that’s the one with hundreds of cosmetic extras like Hero and Trooper “appearances,” voice lines, and emotes packed-in – for one week beginning Thursday, January 14. Try not to forget (but we’ll be here if you do).

I feel like Battlefront II (and the reception to Battlefront II) has come around enough in recent years that I probably don’t need to tell you it’s in a good place and it’s enjoyable – but it is. You can be Bossk!