Crypt of the Necrodancer: Amplified hustles out of Early Access


Just as important: four new OST DLC

The moment I first laid eyes upon Crypt of the Necrodancer, it placed its curse upon me. Combining two of my favorite genres that I’m just awful at – rhythm gaming and roguelikes – I am doomed to an existence of forever wanting to play it, but never being good enough to beat its higher difficulties.

After entering Early Access back in December, the new DLC Amplified is ready to burst forth, with a vast wealth of new dance moves and new content. Will I be terrible? Yes. Will I be happy? Most certainly – there’s a boss named “Frankensteinway,” for crying out loud. How can I not be happy at that level of pun?

The prequel DLC will focus on Nocturna, a shapeshifter with the power to turn into a vampire bat, as she delves into the Dungeon. An extra zone has been added (bringing the total to five), full of new enemies, weapons, armor, and items. Three additional characters will be playable in addition to Nocturna, who are certain to be infuriating (the original gave us characters that died if you picked up gold or missed a beat). There will also be multiple new game modes, including “phasing,” “randomizer,” and “mystery” mode. Most importantly, we get a massive new soundtrack by OverClocked ReMix (as well as some optional remix DLC).

If you don’t already own Crypt of the Necrodancer, you really should give it a go. If my glowing recommendation isn’t enough, Patrick Hancock gave Necrodancer a 9.5. Can you say no to him? Plus the title is on Steam Daily Deal until tomorrow. Necrodancer is a ridiculous 80% off ($2.99, down from $14.99), and Amplified and the rest of the DLC goodies (like those sweet, sweet remixes) are all 20% off (bringing Amplified down to $5.59, from $6.99).