Crypt of the NecroDancer team announces sci-fi city builder/strategy mashup Industries of Titan


A titanic shift in feel

In a tweet posted early this morning, Brace Yourself Games, the developers behind the wonderful rhythm and roguelike mashup Crypt of the NecroDancer, announced a new city builder game set on the moon of Saturn. Appropriately titled Industries of Titan, the game looks to blend your usual city building aspects with some strategic battle elements.

The Steam listing for the game has all your city building accoutrements that you have come to expect. Start small and through strategic placement of buildings and managing resources you grow your settlement while keeping your citizens happy to hopefully one day become a metropolis. Gameplay will be “real-time with pause” which is a welcome feature for my aging brain.

The part that both interests and worries me is the strategic elements they are throwing into the mix. You will be able to design your own ships with which to do battle with nearby settlements to gain the upper hand in a cutthroat capitalist wet dream world. Along with open warfare there will also be political conflict, and the ability to seemingly buy out or big stick diplomacy your opponents into submission. All of these elements interest me a lot because a city-state simulator isn’t something we have seen much of in recent years, but I just worry that the project might be a bit too ambitious. Although I guess you don’t know if you don’t try!

In news that anyone who has played NecroDancer will be excited to hear, Danny Baranowsky is back for the soundtrack composition as well as Sir Carma and Nick Gunn back at the helm for art design. Unfortunately no release date has been announced and as of now it is only coming out for PC.