CubeWorld developer releases a new song for the game


Most substantial update in two years

Wol_lay, the developer of CubeWorld, has released a new song that’ll feature in the game.

It’s not the update we’ve been waiting over two years for, but it’s something. He posted Druids of Mana to SoundCloud, and honestly it’s a very pretty song. It seems like it’d fit incredibly well into the absolutely gorgeous game CubeWorld is.

Wol_lay has been trudging away at CubeWorld for years and years now, throwing out a screenshot here, or a snippet of information there. On the whole, after releasing a paid alpha in 2013, communication died and many people simply stopped playing.

A song isn’t enough to get me back into CubeWorld. But for those of us still desperately clinging on to the hope the game will ever be finished, we know he’s still working on the game. Maybe in 2025 we’ll get a minor patch before the full update in 2156.