::cue Thin Lizzy:: Thrall is back in town, Thrall is back in town


::sick guitar riff::

World of Warcraft‘s Thrall has been MIA/retired for a while in the MMO’s universe, having served his time protecting the horde and well, the very fabric of the universe. But like all heroes (and lucrative nostalgic intellectual property) it’s time for him to return. Thanks to a recent PTR build for the upcoming Rise of Azshara patch weknew Thrall was coming back, but this cinematic, titled “Safe Haven,” cements it.

The gist is that a rebellion is brewing within the horde to usurpSylvanas (who has been doing extremely undead things for her own interests) and bring things back into orc control. Thrall has been both a beloved and contentious presence in the Warcraft universe for ages. Created and voiced by Blizzard royalty Chris Metzen, he’s about as obviously Moses as Aslan is Jesus.

He’s not only skilled at hand-to-hand combat, but he can also get out of many jams with his formidable elemental powers and natural leadership qualities. I can see where a lot of folks would have a problem with him, but I’ve loved his arcs specifically in WoWand I’m glad to see him back. Plus, he makes a rocking Heroes of the Stormcharacter.

Rise of Azshara, patch 8.2, will arrive sometime this summer (early July at the latest).