Custom PS3 hardware built to run PlayStation Now


Eight PS3 consoles built into one single rack server

To help power it’s recently announcedPlayStation Now streaming service, Sony has developed new PS3 technology — according to sources close to the project. The proprietary hardware consists of eight custom console units that are integrated into a single rack server.

According to Digital Foundry — Eurogamer’s technical analysis section — Sony first experimented by placing traditional retail units in data centers to run the service, but scrapped the plans because of the sheer amount of space needed, in addition to power efficiency issues and other undisclosed setbacks.

In creating the custom hardware to run PlayStation Now, Sony engineers were able to reduce many of the above listed hindrances. Additionally, the custom hardware allows for PS3 configuration alterations that could potentially further lower end-to-end latency.

For an excellent in-depth breakdown of how Sony’s custom hardware can possibly provide near perfect PS3 gameplay, check out the full article below.

Sony creates custom PS3 hardware for PlayStation Now[Eurogamer]