Cute custom PC features dancing Hatsune Miku effect


Monster gaming jig

Two wily modders, including renowned PC designer Fabio Moma, have created a custom tower that appears to have a miniature Hatsune Miku dancing within. It’s adorable.

The effect is created via a modified LCD screen which is installed on the tower’s side panel. The inside of the tower was then customised to create a stage for the Vocaloid idol to dance on. The one-of-a-kind PC is currently on display in the store window of Tokyo store Oriospec.

Though there are sadly no plans to sell or mass-produce the unit, hopefully other modders will be inspired to create other inventive designs using a similar method. Until then, having your favourite waifu cheer you on whilst you get wrecked in Battlegrounds remains the stuff of a madman’s dream.