Cyber Monday deals for Wii U and New 3DS XL


Spartan but servicable

We stretched our robot eyes as far as the nanolayer allowed, but there just weren’t as many Nintendo Cyber Monday deals this year compared to years past. (Or maybe they’ve always been a slight letdown.)

On the Wii U side, the excellent Deluxe Set with Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon all but sold out at major retailers at the $249.99 price point. So if you’re looking for that bargain, you should’ve set an alarm on Wednesday last week. (Yes, really.) But there are still a few Wii U bundle deals remaining, including a $225 deal from Toys R Us through Rakuten, plus a nice Mario Maker bundle over at Walmart (albeit at the full $299.99 tag).

For the New Nintendo 3DS XL, the only retailer with a noteworthy discount still remaining is Walmart. It’s currently offering a $199 deal for a New 3DS XL plus your choice of game. If you don’t want a game, you can get red or black units of the New 3DS XL for $179. For those who don’t want the large XL, the only viable deal for the New 3DS (non-XL) is the $178 Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle. Lovely name.

Finally, over at Best Buy, there’s a buy one, get one 50% off sales on 3DS games. 31 titles are available in the promotion, and GCU’s 20% off will stack.

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