Cyberpunk 2077 gets its own event in June


Night City Wire

Many game companies are hosting online events around the time E3 would’ve taken place — EA and Xbox to name a couple — but those are mostly all showcases from big publishers with lots to announce. It’s rare that a single game gets its own share of the spotlight. But, Cyberpunk 2077is not an ordinary game.

This time, CD Projekt isn’t relying on someone else’s press conference to get its message across. It’s going straight to the people with a special Cyberpunk 2077 event called “Night City Wire.”


— Cyberpunk 2077 (@CyberpunkGame) May 5, 2020

However, CD Projekt’s reveal also doubles as a teaser. There’s no indication as to what Night City Wire will focus on. New gameplay is a good bet. but who knows. Cyberpunk 2077can’t possibly have another Keanu Reeves-level bombshell to drop, right? The most insight we have is the community lead saying “Stuff will be shown!”

We get the good stuff on June 11. I’m sure we’ll all be watching together.