D-Arts' next Mega Man figure may be Mega Man Zero


New Rockman Unity post drops a hint

Black Zero has already been revealed as the newest Mega Manfigure in the D-Arts line, but we may have a hint at what’s coming next. A new message has been postedby Japanese site Rockman Unity (those guys look like they have so much fun by the way), which, according to Mega Man Network, reads “what if you regret making me a poseable figure…”

This is most likely a reference to the line “what if you regret making me remember,” which is uttered by Mega Man Zero — Inafune’s most treasured creation. Yeah, it’s anotherZero (making this the fourth iteration so far), but he’d still be a welcome addition — I’m a huge fan of the D-Arts line and wouldn’t mind picking it up.

衝撃!ウッチーのクリスマス[Rockman Unity via Mega Man Network]