Dad goes absolutely berserk in Japanese Dragon Quest XI commercials


Redefines backseat gaming

Are you excited for Dragon Quest XI? Japan sure is. As you know commercials over here are completely 100% normal, and the latest “CMs” for the blockbuster franchise are no different. A dad and son are shopping for and playing DQXI, with a bit of role reversal.

The dad is throwing a tantrum on the floor in the middle of an electronics store begging to get the game, On the other hand, the son acts as the calm and collected one, eventually giving in to buy it which excites dad. Excites him until the next commercial, that is, when he impatiently watches his son play before leaping in to play together.

If dad wants the Switch version and doesn’t own the console, he’s going to need to keep hydrated for a quite some time if he plans on continuing to cry while waiting for the Switch to actually be purchasable.