Daemon x Machina will be next week's Epic Games Store freebie


Marvelous Mecha Mayhem

It’s time for a fresh new game to be added to the queue of Epic Games Store‘s freebie page, and it seems that Marvelous’ hyper-dramatic mech battler Daemon x Machina will be made available to download gratis for all EGS users from January 27. You can check out CJ Andriessen’s review right here.

Originally released on Nintendo Switch in the fall of 2019, before being ported to PC in early 2020, Daemon x Machina sees players step into power Arsenal technology on a mission to battle back against all of planet Earth’s A.I., rendered hostile following an unfriendly encounter with the moon. Banding with a team of mercenaries, the protagonist wages war on an array of mechanical enemies, led by an army of dangerous robotic overseers known as “The Immortals.”

As the player progresses through a wealth of highly explosive missions, they can scavenge for weaponry and technology with which to upgrade their own Arsenal. Customization is a key feature of Daemon x Machina, with both the player character and the mecha itself open to all sorts of visual designs and violent capabilities. And, if it all gets a little tough to handle on your lonesome, then a four-player co-op mode will allow you to bring some buddies to battle with you.

Just make sure you coordinate your looks properly, or it could be a real mecha faux-pas.

Daemon x Machina will be available to download for free from Epic Games Store on January 28. The current free game is physics-based puzzler Relicta, which is available to download right now.