Daemon x Machina to receive new 'Battle Mode' and other content


The war goes on…

Marvelous! has released details of new content for their hyper-metal mech title Daemon x Machina, which will roll out over the coming months, adding a bit more longevity to your A.I.-smashing shenanigans.

Next month, on October 10, a fresh update will add an all-new “Battle Mode”, pitting arsenals against each other in 1v1 or 2v2 mayhem. This will be followed in early November by a selection of collaboration mechs and costumes, skins which will make reference to other popular IPs.

A major update is expected in late November, which will add new Orders for both single player and co-op modes, alongside a glut of new weapons, armours and boss fights. Finally, a December update will bring further Orders, co-op exclusive modes, and even more weapons and bosses, ready to stare you down on the battlefield.

So even if you already have Daemon x Machina wrapped up, it looks like it might be an idea to keep your favourite arsenal oiled and in good nick, as the battle is far from over. In the meantime, perhaps check the recently released soundtrack, featuring 45 hard-rockin’ hits.

Daemon x Machina is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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