Damn, the Steam Awards art is hella good


So symbolic! Such emotion!

Look, I’m a Fancy Man, alright? I cut my pizza with a fork and knife. I go to many a Broadway play and art gallery. I could probably ballroom dance if I wanted to. If I were a cat, I’d only eat wet food.

The point is that I’m cultured and haughty, so I know this Steam Awards art is hella good. Astronauts playing chess in space? What a fine illustration of metaphorical resonance of spatial relationships! A pirate diving into shark-infested waters? Such a striking commentary on personal freedom and societal expectations!

Why the Steam Awards art exists? That I do not know. Maybe they’ll be repurposed for the winners of the Steam Awards. Maybe they’re just examples of fake categories and brand new art will appear in the Historical Showcase of Winners. If the latter happens, you can be damn well sure that I’m gonna appreciate the hell out of that art too.

The Steam Awards [Steam]