Dance Dance Revolution is alive with V, here's how to get into the open PC alpha


You can sign up now

DDR V….alive?! Man alive, there are men alive in here!

With the nostalgic references out of the way, now it’s time to get to reallynostalgic withDance Dance Revolution.

Announced this morning by the official DDRTwitter account, Dance Dance Revolution Vis coming to PC, based off of the latest iteration of the arcade machine. Currently it’s in open alpha form and contains 15 songs, there’s just one catch: you need to go through Konami’s Japanese site and register a Konami ID, if you don’t have one already.

You can sign up directly here, and change your “country/region” to swap to an English language signup (or use an in-browser translation tool). Note that your Konami ID must be all lowercase, or it will error out. Once you’ve actually signed up, you can access the game here. “Alpha” is the best way to describe this project at the moment, as timing is a bit off and the online app is very barebones. At the very least, keyboard controls and dance mats are supported, and you can go fullscreen.

As someone who mastered all forms of DDRin both keyboard and mat form, I’m all-in on this so long as improvements come. Time to get out your [insert old console here]-to-PC converters!

Dance Dance Revolution V [Konami] Thanks John!