Dante gets major nerfs, Chris gets buffs in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite balance patch


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Despite the disappointing sales, Capcom is still hard at work updatingMarvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.On December 5, a big shakeup will occur with a few characters, as well as some general mechanical tweaks.

To sort of sum up the big stuff, the Reality Stone is getting overhauled a bit, and you can now move forward/backward after getting crumpled. OTG (off the ground) relaunches are now limited to two per single combo, and a bunch of bugs have been squashed.

As far as specific characters go, Dante got hit with the nerf bat significantly, as nearly all of his stats have been changed, including a 10% health decrease, a removal of homing capabilities from nearly all his abilities, and smaller hitboxes all-around. Conversely Chris Redfield got damage increases for almost all of his specials, ranging from 10% to over 100% in one instance (his grenade toss HK explosion damage).

Others are sprinkled in there like Ultron, Thanos, Gamora, and Captain Marvel, but their changes are smaller than the above two. Although I don’t have many people to play with I’m still having fun with Infinite, and these changes mostly are a step in the right direction (Dante might be overkill though).

Patch Notes for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – December 5 Update [Capcom Unity]