Dare you visit Zombie Army 4's horrific Terror Lab?


The unholy ‘Hell Cult’ trilogy begins

Rebellion has released the first chapter of Zombie Army 4: Dead War‘s expansion campaign, Hell Cult. The DLC bundle includes a new campaign mission, character, and several new weapons and skins, along with a new map for ZA4‘s Horde Mode.

Set during events following the main campaign, Terror Lab sees our war-torn heroes exploring the science bunkers of the resurrected Reich. Whether alone or accompanied by up to three buddies, players must clear out this grim hellhole, laying waste to the army of flesh-eaters within and uncovering the secrets behind the undead Nazi menace.

The Terror Lab DLC bundle also introduces American Sea Captain Josiah, a classic bearskin outfit for Boris, and new death-dealing weaponry such as the M1 semi-auto carbine rifle and the PPSH-41 sub-machine gun. A Molten Lave skin adds a fiery tone to your arsenal, while the Undead Wood map provides a spooky backdrop for the relentless Horde mode.

Terror Lab can be purchased as a standalone bundle or is included with the Zombie Army 4: Dead War season pass. The second chapter, Blood Count, will launch in April, with the trilogy concluding in May. Further updates, including free modes and maps, can be expected over summer.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.