Tactics RPG Dark Deity is coming to Switch this March


Even more tactics games are hitting the Switch

The strategy RPG Dark Deity definitely seems to draw inspiration from the Game Boy Advance era of tactics, and soon it will finally be on a Nintendo handheld too. Dark Deity is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2022.

Developer Sword and Axe debuted Dark Deity last year, first dropping on Steam. The tactical RPG follows military academy recruits as they’re thrust into the middle of a war. There are class trees and a different spin on the usual perma-death. Rather than dying for good, units take injuries, permanently affecting their stats.

The Switch version launches alongside graphical and gameplay improvements to the original Dark Deity. Both the look and tactics of Dark Deity are getting a tune-up, with maps getting a makeover and over 320 weapons, spells, and skills getting rebalanced. The map update will also be coming to the Steam version in March.

From looks alone, Dark Deity reminds me of the older SNES and Game Boy Advance age of Fire Emblem games. And while I’m happy that Fire Emblem has gone on to bigger productions, this indie take on the genre looks pretty intriguing too. It’s got some fresh takes on old mechanics and great character art. The sprite work is already pretty on-point, too:

With Triangle Strategy kicking off March as well, and the first Front Mission remake arriving in the summer, it’s looking like good times ahead for tactics fans on the Switch. Dark Deity hits the Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2022.