Dark Horse publish Overwatch comic anthology


Backstory bonanza

Today sees the physical release of the Overwatch digital comic, as the first wave of issues are compiled by publishers Dark Horse to form Overwatch Anthology: Volume One.

The new release features the first twelve issues of the comic, adapted from Blizzard’s successful arena-shooter. The stories in Volume One include McCree’s battle aboard a speeding train, the early days of Overwatch under leader Commander Morrison and the defence of a small village by stalwart of justice Reinhardt.

We learn of incident that cost sniper extraordinaire Ana Amari her eye and even see the hassle Lena Oxton (Tracer) goes through as she desperately hunts down the perfect Xmas gift (in an issue that was ultimately blocked from Blizzard’s Russian site.)

It’s a great comic. The stories are fun, fast and easy reads, with nice art and a wealth of interesting lore and backstory. Many will be quick to point out that all issues of the comic are completely free to read online, but having enjoyed the story thus far, I personally have no drama dipping into my funds to give something back to the artists and writers responsible.

There are still a wealth of characters and events to explore, so I’m hoping we’ll see many more issues of the online publication in the future.

Overwatch Anthology: Volume One is available now from comic book retailers.