Dark Pit amiibo is a Best Buy exclusive


Dark day for Dark Pit

More cheery news coming out of the amiibo world: Dark Pit will be exclusive to Best Buy. Instead of having the opportunity to snag him at one of five (or so) retailers, you have to deal with The Big Yellow Price Tag.

This morning, Dark Pit appeared on Best Buy’s site with an “Only at Best Buy” proclamation next to him. No other information is available, such as when pre-orders will open up.

Actually, we don’t even know when this flurry of amiibo will come out. Wave 5a is supposed to release in the US sometime in July, but we still don’t have exact dates. That’s possibly because Nintendo is wrapping up negotiating these exclusive deals. There may be more exclusives yet to come from this wave.

Ideally, this may not spell doom those who want to get their hands on Dark Pit. It was only one month ago that Wave 4 released with three retailer-exclusive amiibo. Ness was difficult to find at GameStop, but Toys R Us and Target had a fair amount of stock for Greninja and Jigglypuff. Two out of three isn’t terrible (given how the first set of exclusives went), and hopefully Dark Pit sees similar availability.

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