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Dark Souls III ships three million worldwide, series reaches 13 million

Three different publishers have worked with Souls

Dark Souls IIIcontinues to sell well, no doubt through good word of mouth, and has achieved the “three million shipped worldwide” target for Namco Bandai — the company has announced. Japan accounts for 500,000 of that number, followed by one million in Europe, and 1.5 million in North America.They also shared the news that the Dark Soulsseries (note: no Demon’sor Bloodborneincluded) has shipped 13 million.

While From Software is done with Soulsfor now, one can only assume some executive over at Namco Bandai is fervently trying to get them to work on a new game or remaster of some sort. I wonder of Miyazaki would consent to a third party working on a remake for the right price?

Dark Souls III [Namco Bandai via Gematsu]

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