Dark Souls III's patches continue to be as mysterious as the game itself


Strangely explained balance changes, and ‘several game flaws fixed’

Almost two months have passed since Dark Souls IIIkicked all of our asses. I’m waiting for the two promised DLCsbefore jumping in with the PC version (I played the Japanese Xbox One version and had to play offline), but I’ve been watching for updates so that I know what to expect when I start my next playthrough. The newest patch notes found on Redditdon’t make that easy.

Changes like “Fixed a spell animation and effect not syncing up when using the magic repetitively” are understandable. “Adjusted the skills of twin blade weapons” is less helpful. Since I primarily used twin swords in my first time through, I kind of want to know if I’ll be less or more effective when I play again. And what the heck could “Several game flaws fixed” mean?

Maybe I need to watch a lore video on YouTube to understand this patch.

    • Archdragon Peak: Fixed the freeze when jumping into the fog after ringing the bell.
    • The Rinfinger Leonhard quest will now start properly after the removal of the restriction on the maximum number of Pale Tongues that can be offered to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth.
    • Trophies will now unlock correctly even if the required item is sent directly to the storage.
    • Fixed a Skill being changed based on a right hand weapon when equipping White Hair Talisman on the left hand while holding the Sacred Flame with both hands
    • The Horsehoof Ring (which increases stamina drains of ATK) will no longer affect other attacks besides its initial effect on kicks.
    • It will no longer be possible to equip a helm when using a Wax Pool after using the Dragon Head Stone.
    • Fixed the HP drain damage of Symbol of Avarice when resting near bonfire.
    • Fixed a spell animation and effect not synching up when using the magic repetitively.
    • Fixed when summoning the white phantom NPC under a certain circumstance, the character’s collision will properly function nullifying all enemy attacks.
    • Fixed issue where skills could be performed even when a certain amount of FP was not available.
    • Adjusted the attack cancel parameters of some curved swords attacks.
    • Adjusted the attack power and skills of fist and claw weapons.
    • Adjusted the skills of twin blade weapons.
    • Fixed the scythe not penetrating shields at close distances.
    • Adjusted stamina consumption and attack cancel parameters for rapier weapons.
    • Adjusted the attack collision for the washing pole weapon.
    • Adjusted parameters of Farron Hail and Busting Fireball.
    • Adjusted casting speed, stamina consumption, cancel timing of some Spells.
    • Increased the number of arrows/bolts that can be possessed.
    • During online multiplayer: During the invasion of a Dark Phantom, the host will no longer be separated from his area.
    • During online multiplayer: A dark phantom can no longer be forcibly brought back in some maps.
    • During online multiplayer: When the player is summoned during a boss battle, the boss will no longer become motionless even after the player is back to his/her world.
    • The status effects below the stamina gauge will no longer be hidden when opening the top menu with HUD display set to auto.
    • The voice chat icon will now remain visible when the HUD display is set to “Auto.”
    • Fixed the display of strength level shown in the equipment menu when using two-handed weapon.
    • Other game balance parameters have been adjusted.
    • Several game flaws fixed.