Darkest Dungeon is coming to crush your spirit Jan. 19


Out of the darkness of Early Access

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Darkest Dungeon is still in Early Access. I’ve been “enjoying” the brutally difficult tactical-roguelike since last February and for months it’s felt like a solid package, despite missing its final chapter. After a few instances of schedule slip, Red Hook Studios has put a final “definitely, for real this time” release date on the game for January 19.

While it’s unfortunate that Darkest Dungeon didn’t make its original Halloween target (it would have been a perfect for the season), followers of the project should be happy to finally know when to expect the finished product. In the meantime, they’ll be able to amuse themselves with a patch targeted for late November that will include a new playable character class, the Abomination, that was designed in collaboration with the game’s backers.