Data East arcade classics, inc. Bad Dudes, Joe & Mac, and Two Crude, now available on PC


It was acceptable in the ’80s

Here’s one for all you retro fans. Ziggernaut Interactive, in collaboration with 612Games, has secured the rights to 15 classic arcade games from old-school developer Data East. The first eight of these titles are now available to purchase on PC, under the new “Retro Classix” banner.

The initial run of the Retro Classix range includes Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja (1988), Super BurgerTime (1990), Heavy Barrel (1987), SRD: Super Real Darwin (1987), Express Raider (1986), Gate of Doom/Dark Seal (1990), Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja (1991), and finally Two Crude (1990), which many of you may remember from its Sega Mega Drive port, Two Crude Dudes.

All eight titles are available to purchase on PC via Steam, Humble Bundle, and

Each title is also currently enjoying a 33% discount on its asking price, allowing players to bag some old-school action for just a few bucks. Much like the weekly retro releases from Hamster, these re-releases are relatively feature-free, but do include local multiplayer as well as a scanline visual filter.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the following eight titles are. Here’s hoping for Sly Spy, Midnight Resistance, and Fighter’s History.