Will you pick up a spare in Date Night Bowling?


It’s the shoes you wear

I’ve never been on a date to a bowling alley, or, come to think of it, the cinema, or the zoo… or a restaurant… or… Anyway, where was I? I’ve never been on a date to a bowling alley, but soon I, you, and everyone else can experience love among the clattering pins with the release of Date Night Bowling, a cute new dating sim from indie outfit Serenity Forge.

Date Night Bowling will see the player choose from one of 10 “very special someones” before embarking on a (hopefully) fun night out down at the local bowlarama. Make sweet small talk, play a few frames, grab a bite to eat, even hit up the arcades in a pleasant evening of strikes, onion rings, and terrible footwear. Roll through a selection of fast-paced and enjoyable mini-games as you attempt to woo the object of your desires. Don’t strike out! Wait, that’s baseball.

As you can see from this description and the trailer above, Date Night Bowling looks to be a very fun and very cute title. The dating sim also supports two-player cooperative play. So who knows? perhaps you and that special somebody might enjoy the virtual night out together. Published by Way Down Deep, Date Night Bowling will launch digitally on November 26 for PC and Nintendo Switch, retailing for the modest price of just $10.