Dauntless is leaving Early Access later this month with a massive 1.0 patch


September 26

Dauntless has been in Early Access for several months building up a respectable playerbase, and it’s nearly ready to officially arrive.

Phoenix Labs has announced this morning that version 1.0 will launch on September 26, which will herald in the next season of the game (read: more content and another season pass) as well as “the biggest update” since it hit Early Access. Dauntless is actually getting a full-on expansion drop in Aether Unbound, which adds weapons, a bounty system, and more bosses (behemoths) in. More quality of life updates and content are scheduled too, which you can view on the official interactive roadmap.

Dauntless is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version due later in the year. The game supports full cross-play and full cross-progression: a rarity in the industry today, and an honor reserved for a very small list of titles. It’ll even have PS4-to-Xbox One-to-Switch support! I’ve been enjoying it since launch on both PC and PS4, and will definitely log back in for the new season.