Days Gone takes a page from Crazy Taxi for its new mode Dead Don't Ride


This will pair nicely with The Offspring on Spotify

Bend Studio has been doling out weekly challenges in Days Gone, and the latest mode Dead Don’t Ride is the exact kind of Crazy Taxi-inspired silliness I can get behind in an otherwise dark video game.

Just like in Sega’s frenetic score-chasing arcade game, Dead Don’t Ride has players race against the clock to pick up passengers, dodge a whole mess of obstacles, and drop them off in one piece. The happier the survivors are when they arrive at their destination, the more points you’ll earn, and there’s even an incentive for smashing into the undead each Swarmer kill is worth two extra seconds.

There are 36 delivers in total, with the colored ring around each pick-up indicating its difficulty.

Here’s a playthrough from YouTuber Bearded_Jay to give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Days Gone director Jeff Ross shared a few tips. For high scores, he says it’s important to park as close as you can to your passengers and also to drift into the drop-off zones in such a way that you’ll end up facing the correct direction to boost toward your next assignment.

If you earn at least Bronze, you’ll unlock the Hit and Run patch, an award that “reduces the rate at which bikes (and golf carts) slow when impacting enemies.” It’ll make going for Gold that much easier.

While we’re all here reminiscing about Crazy Taxi, I am contractually obligated to link to the soundtrack.

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