Days Gone update 1.05 fixes some issues, but not others


Audio problem remains

Last week saw the release of Sony Bend’s biker adventure Days Gone, which sees waistcoat-sporting biker Deacon St. John trekking through the Pacific Northwest, battling Freakers and militia in efforts to survive the ghoulish catastrophe.

A new patch has already been released for the game form the developer. Update 1.05, which is live now, eradicates an irritating bug that was causing random crashes (of the game, that is, not Deek’s bike). The patch also includes multiple stability and performance tweaks, improving framerate drops, stuttering and minor glitches.

Unfortunately, not everything is covered, and a nagging audio bug which causes individual sounds to drop out remains intact. I’m sure Sony Bend are on the case and will get that bike roaring loud and proud once again.

Days Gone is available now on PS4.