Days Gone's cinematic story trailer drops Deek in the deep


Watch out for the Freakers

Sony Interactive Studios has released another movie-style story trailer for their upcoming zombie-shooter-scavenging-crafting-adventure, Days Gone, which will be launching on PS4 exactly one month from now.

In the dramatic two-minute preview, we see biker hero Deacon “Deek” St. John engaging in convo and combat in a desolated Oregon. Deek will encounter fellow survivors, some friendly, some not-so-friendly, burn rubber over bloodstained highways, and battle wave after wave of Days Gone monsters, hilariously known as “Freakers”.

Days Gone has stiff competition, choosing to launch the same weekend as Mortal Kombat 11 and Avengers: Endgame. While Days Gone has great visuals and I love the idea of biking through an open-world forest wilderness, everything about this trailer, and what we’ve seen from the game so far, is so overly-familiar that it just isn’t sinking its fangs into me personally.

It does seem, especially given this trailer, that SIE Bend are really pushing the story element hard, so if they can pull of an engaging narrative, with resonating characters, then maybe Days Gone can break through the glut of post-apocalyptic survival games flooding the commercial wasteland.

Days Gone launches on PS4 April 26.