Days Gone's free DLC makes survival even more unlikely


We all gotta die someday

Survival seems like a tough prospect in Days Gone. There are all sorts of zombies and wolves that pose significant threats. Maybe most dangerous — Deacon St. John rides that motorcycle without a helmet! Pray he doesn’t go the way of Country Mac.

It’ll get tougher come June. Days Gone is getting some free updates in June, one of them being a new difficulty setting. “Survival” mode jacks up difficulty, disables fast travel and survival vision, and diminishes the heads-up display so that indicators and maps are absent. It’s a little extra test for anyone who has grown tired of the easy/normal/hard difficulties that Days Gone will ship with later this week.

Also ready to be implemented in June, developer SIE Bend is adding weekly challenges that pertain to the bike, the zombie horde, and combat. There aren’t really any details as to how these will work, but it’s said that they’ll “take key gameplay features and twist them in unique ways.”

All of this — Survival mode and challenges — will net players additional items, rewards, trophies, and unique bike skins.

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