DayZ is coming to PS4 next week



Bohemia Interactive has announced that the bleak MMO title, DayZ, will be coming to PS4 on May 29, following on from its Xbox One release back in March.

Originally appearing on PC in 2013, as a mod for open-world shooter ARMA II, DayZ would eventually leave a very lengthy early access period to become its own entity. DayZ is set in the fictional Soviet district of Cheranus, where players must attempt to survive a violent outbreak of a mysterious illness, which is turning afflicted citizens into mindless, ravaging hordes.

With adaptive, open-ended gameplay, players must scavenge, craft, salvage and steal whatever resources they can to provide weaponry, shelter and sustenance, while also dealing with basic survival issues such as health, hunger and warmth. Along with the deadly Infected that stagger around the environment, players must be wary of other DayZ players, who may be willing to help, team-up or, quite possibly, take you out and steal all your loot. So stay alert and be wary of who you trust.

DayZ is available now on PC and Xbox One and launches on PS4 May 29.

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