de Blob 2 gets a surprise release on Steam


Paint the Town…with savings!

It seems like just yesterday that de Blob got a release on PC (after nearly a decade of being a Wii exclusive). Publisher THQ Nordic worked their magic to make sure the game didn’t stay obscure and they have done so for the game’s sequel, de Blob 2. The only difference this time is that no one knew the game was coming.

Coinciding with the start of Steam’s summer sale, you can now grab de Blob 2 on Steam for 25% off its normal price. Normally the game will run you $19.99, so a cool $5 off isn’t too bad. This new port has all kinds of modern conveniences like different controller support (somehow including Wiimote functionality), enhanced graphical filters and redone FMV sequences.

Maybe these re-releases are hinting at a possible sequel in the works? Either way, getting a chance to relive these games without performance issues is nice, though the original ran pretty damn well on Wii.

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