de Blob is painting its way on to PS4 and Xbox One next month


Add some color to your life!

The overlooked Wii classic, de Blob (that got a second lease on life this past year for PC), is now heading to current gen consoles. THQ Nordic announced that de Blob will be releasing for PS4 and Xbox One on November 14. This new port will retain the four player split-screen from the PC version, though it looks like no other extras will be added. No price was mentioned, but the PC port goes for $19.99, so I would imagine this to be the same.

I have yet to get around to de Blob, but I’ve heard some very good things. It is a bit strange how the game won’t be making the jump to the Switch (since the Wii version was the only home port for nine years), but at least the colorful platformer is getting its chance to shine.

Now we just need de Blob 2 and we’ll be set!

deBlob – Consoles Trailer – US [YouTube]