Dead by Daylight teases new chapter based on Koji Suzuki's Ring


Caught up in a wishing well

Behavior Interactive has teased the next legendary crossover event headed to Dead by Daylight — as seen in a brand new trailer, March 2022 will see the asymmetrical horror title venture into the terrifying world of Kōji Suzuki’s Ring.

Ring began life in the form of a ghostly horror novel, first published in 1991, before finding global fame in the form of Hideo Nakata’s horrifying 1998 film adaptation, which received a western remake in the form of The Ring in 2002. The source story is that of a murdered girl, Sadako Yamamura, whose thirst for justice and vengeance leads to a trail of bodies seemingly “frightened to death.” The 1998 film blew many minds with its slow-burn tension and pioneering blending of cosmic horror and modern technology, resulting in an indelible climax that burns itself into the mind of the viewer.

Ring would be followed by various sequels and pretenders of decreasing quality as Japan went “Tech Horror” mad. It can also be argued that Ring began America’s love affair with remaking Asian cinema, as titles such as The Grudge, Pulse, Dark Water, Don’t Look Up, and One Missed Call all followed within scant years. Ring‘s Sadako would eventually face off against The Grudge‘s own vengeful spirit, Kayako, in the somewhat tongue-in-cheek 2016 release Sadako vs. Kayako. Today, the iconography of Ring is etched in horror history, making the soggy ghost a perfect choice for DbD‘s rogues’ gallery.

The Ring chapter will launch in Dead by Daylight March 2022.