Dead by Daylight welcomes Ring's terrifying Sadako next month


Video Nasty

When I first watched Ring with my sister, long, long ago, she was so freaked out by the finale that I had to take the TV out of her bedroom that night. The next day, I cheered her up by showing her how to make a little model Sadako out of a toilet roll and crepe paper. Fun times.

That misty-eyed nostalgia trip is my roundabout way of informing you that everybody’s favorite TV-crawlin’ ghostie is headed to Behavior Interactive’s Dead by Daylight next month. The vengeful form of Sadako Yamamura — popularized by Koji Suzuki’s 1991 novel Ring and its 1998 cinematic adaptation —  joins the multiplayer title’s rogues gallery of villains, March 8, in new in-game event Sadako Rising.

While Dead By Daylight already features a who’s who of garden-implement wielding maniacs, Sadako, (who will be known in-game as “The Onryō” will come sporting her own particular mechanics, typified by her haunting nature.

Behavior Interactive has not spilled the beans yet on exactly what our angry gal will be bringing to the party, but the trailer sees Sadako using her strange “phasing” ability to teleport around the map, before laying her curse on unsuspecting victims. Sadako’s very specific movement style and hex abilities will be something of a change from Dead by Daylight‘s usual array of knives, chainsaws, and other gardening implements.

In fact, our gurl is already jumping streamers just from the character select!

It's been fun but I'm uninstalling dbd now ? #DeadbyDaylight #dbd

— Diva ?? (@DieHardDivaTV) February 16, 2022

Sadako is not coming alone, as she will be accompanied by a new survivor, Yoichi Asakawa, an elder version of the child featured in Hideo Nakata’s 1998 film. Now a respected marine biologist, Asakawa has been unable to permanently rid himself of the fate he once escaped. Still haunted by Sadako’s eternal thirst for vengeance, Asakawa will stand face-to-face with his tormentor for one final showdown.

The Sadako Rising event launches March 8 on all platforms — Dead by Daylight is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and iOS and Android devices.