Dead by Daylight's BTS collaborated K-pop killer is cutting more than records


Let me hear you scream

The newest chapter is now live in Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical survival horror title Dead by Daylight. The “All-Kill” event brings with it a new survivor, record producer Yun-Jin Lee, and the psychopathic, mass-murdering K-Pop megastar Ji-Woon, better known by his stage pseudonym of “Trickster.”

Recounting the backstory from our previous report, Ji-Woon was part of a super-successful boy band, who were indirectly killed on account of his actions. Finding a taste for death gave him an appetite for art, Ji-Woon began abducting and murdering fans and industry pundits, recording their death throes as samples to be worked into the young star’s music. Swiftly abandoned by his record label, Mightee-One, the now-reinvented “Trickster” is out at large and out for revenge.

The “All-Kill” chapter adds Ji-Woon/Trickster to Dead by Daylight‘s growing roster of utter maniacs, while the singer’s former producer Yun-Jin Lee is heading for the hills as a new Survivor. Behaviour Interactive collaborated with real-life K-pop legends, including BTS songwriter Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young and U-Kiss member Kevin Woo in order to plot out and design the chapter’s aesthetic and backstory.

While some Dead by Daylight fans are annoyed at this crossover of K-pop and survival horror, I think they’ve done a solid job.