Dead Cells ended up selling more on PC than Switch, but Switch beat out PS4 and Xbox One


PC made up ‘60%’ of sales

Although we’re used to seeing the phrase “sold best on Switch,” Dead Cellsdeveloper Motion Twin confirmed during GDC that PC was their top-selling platform. Yet, the Switch did come in second right behind it, beating out the PS4 and Xbox One platforms as the number one console in sales.

Although full numbers weren’t doled out, Dead CellsdeveloperSébastien Bénard did confirm that PC accounted for “60 percent” of the game’s (now one million) sales, giving a shout out to the Switch which was “a big part” of their console push. Piecing together more information from earlier in the game’s launch, we know that the Switch edition sold at least 100,000 copies at launch, and that the PC edition is roughly 600,000 as of this week. A hyped Early Access period on PC definitely helped matters, as did the fact that the Switch edition needed smoothing patches.

As I’ve noted in the past, Dead Cellsis a bit of an odd duck for a studio that mostly specializes in free-to-play browser games, a fact that didn’t slip by the GDC talk.Sébastien Bénard explained that Dead Cellswas a “last chance project” for a studio that “was not in such good shape,” which is one hell of a way to make a comeback.

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