Dead or Alive 6 adding Venus Vacation's Tamaki to the roster tomorrow


Bash at the Beach

While Koei Tecmo remains under fire from Dead or Alive fans over its hair-dyeing shenanigans, it hasn’t stopped the publisher from dropping new info about DoA 6‘s upcoming DLC. The latest update, courtesy of Famitsu, announces that Venus Vacation’s Tamaki will be available for the DoA 6 roster from tomorrow, March 10.

The young swimsuit model and fashion designer made her debut in Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation back in 2018, with her DoA 6 inclusion, being Tamaki’s first foray into the fight itself. Tamaki is an Aikido practitioner, and as such will come armed with an array of powerful strikes, as well as masterful use of counters and throws, utilising the opponent’s momentum against themselves.

Fans of Tamaki’s Venus Vacation appearance will be pleased to hear that she’s bringing most of her wardrobe from that title along for the ride. A video from Famitsu, which you can check out below, shows up some of Tamaki’s looks, while also showcasing some of her basic combos.

Dead or Alive 6 is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Dead or Alive 6 DLC character Tamaki launches March 10 [Gematsu / Famitsu]