Dead or Alive's former boss character Raidou returns in playable cybernetic form


‘We can rebuild him…’

One of the fighting genre’s more forgettable boss characters, Raidou, will be stepping back into the ring in Dead or Alive 6 as a playable character. Long thought dead, Raidou is in fact ready to bust heads once again, having gone through some sort of bizarre, well, “upgrade.”

As you can see in the gallery below, Raidou’s body was recovered and put through some sort of cybernetic process, leaving him with Terminator eyes and strange metallic skin. Amusingly, he still has a moustache. Though he has his own powerful kung-fu skills, Raidou follows the pattern of ’90s fighting game bosses by having the ability to mimic any other character in the game, a trope from the era.

Also revealed by Koei Tecmo is a new stage, set in Chinatown during a festival, which is filled with paper lanterns and slightly more painful-looking neon signs. Finally, a selection of modes was announced for the upcoming fighter. Alongside a new Story mode and standard VS. play, DoA fans can expect a comprehensive Training mode, a Quest mode that aims to teach fundamentals through challenges, alongside the expected Time Attack, Survival and character customisation features.

Dead or Alive 6 launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One on March 1.