Dead Rising 4's new mode looks real silly


Capcom Heroes

Sometimes, all it takes is an image. “That’s it. I’m writing this up. Folks need to see.” This screenshot of Frank West pulling off his best Sissel-from-Ghost Trick impression is one such example.

What’s going on here? The Dead Rising series is no stranger to cameo outfits from other Capcom series and Dead Rising 4 is up next with a full-fledged mode, Capcom Heroes, an alternate take on the game’s story. Once it releases for free on December 5, you’ll be able to wear over a dozen referential outfits based on the likes of Cammy, X, Dante, and more, and wield new special attacks.

“While progressing through missions and exploring the world, players will discover arcade machines,” explains Capcom. “Interacting with these arcade cabinets lets the player equip a new ‘Hero Outfit’ that gives Frank the powers and abilities of that character. In addition to using the arcade machines, Frank can purchase some outfits from vendors and unlock others by finding collectibles hidden throughout the world. Players will also want to look for ‘Hero Training’ side missions which award outfit variants and upgrades.”

This doesn’t magically fix Dead Rising 4, but I appreciate the absurdity of it all and am happy to see that it’s a) free and b) not exclusive, timed or otherwise, to the upcoming PS4 port.

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