Dead Space remake is aiming for early 2023


See you next year, space cowboy

Electronic Arts and Motive have set a target window for their upcoming remake of Dead Space. The Dead Space remake will be targeting an early 2023 window for launch.

The news came today, alongside a developer live stream showing gameplay of the updated sci-fi survival horror classic. It’s a pretty lengthy watch, but worth it if you want to see where Motive is currently at with their take on Dead Space.

Today’s livestream focused on audio in particular. The USG Ishimura is looking to be even creepier than before, thanks to the way sounds can morph to the environment. Also, Motive is using the “A.L.I.V.E.” system to change how Isaac delivers dialogue, depending on his current state. It’s pretty cool audio tech.

The news of an early 2023 window pushes it out from a reported target of October 2022. It seems like EA Motive is taking some extra time to ensure it gets the scares and atmosphere of Dead Space just right.

Considering the bar set for survival horror remakes by games like Resident Evil 2, it’s no surprise Electronic Arts and Motive want to get this right from the get-go. Dead Space may have laid dormant for a few years, but it’s a memorable franchise that fans have certainly been eager to see revived.

Hopefully the time to polish and fine-tune the scares works out for the best. In the meantime, it’s not like we’re wanting for games in 2022 anyways. I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing Elden Ring for at least the next few months. We’ll see what Motive has in store for Isaac in the new year.