Let's watch today's Dead Space developer livestream (Update)


Hopefully a foot-stompin’ good time

[Update: Today’s livestream is over, and while we didn’t get any news on a date, we did some pretty early looks at development. Motive walked us through some early gameplay and its “dismemberment gym,” while confirming a few points:

  • The Dead Space remake has overhauled zero-G movement, taking inspiration from Dead Space 2‘s thrusters.
  • Weapon-limb interactions have been overhauled, so picking apart Necromorphs looks as gruesome as ever.
  • There will be no microtransactions.
  • Gunner Wright returns as the voice of Isaac—with some special rules in place for Isaac’s dialogue in the remake.

Our original story follows:]

Today, we’re getting a first look at an early development build of EA Motive’s upcoming Dead Space remake. And, well, I’m certainly hoping for some creepy crawlers and limb-slicing blasters.

The stream goes live soon, at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT over on Motive’s Twitch channel. We’ll update the post here as news gets shown during the event.

The oft-rumored Dead Space remake was confirmed during this year’s EA Play Live 2021, where it closed out the show with an eerie, atmospheric tone-setting trailer. A trailer that, of course, included Isaac Clarke’s famous back-HUD.

Hopefully we get to see some gameplay during today’s Dead Space remake livestream, though how far away this remake will be is still up in the air. A report from VentureBeat indicated that the current plan is for late 2022, though that obviously comes with a caveat: game development is a fickle thing, and COVID-19 has certainly exacerbated that in some ways. Any expectations on a date should wait on something official from the studio itself.

That said, good lord, I’m excited about the prospect of some more Dead Space. The first two games were memorable parts of my gaming intake in the early 2010s, and after recently playing some Alien: Isolation for the first time, I’m in the mood for some space station-based horror.

We’ll see what EA Motive has in store for the return of Isaac Clarke in today’s Dead Space livestream. Let us know in the comments what you think of it!