Deal: Large 2K Summer Sale appears at two PC digital retailers


A tale of 2K discounts

For the last two week we’ve seen Bethesda put their PC games up for sale at multiple retailers all competing for the best price online. This week it’s 2K’s turn.

A 2K Summer Sale has emerged PC digital retailers Bundle Stars and GamersGate. Both retailers share the same catalog of titles on sale, but prices are not equal.

Some of the 2K games are cheapest in the Bundle Stars 2017 Summer Sale. This is the newest PC gaming Summer Sale which went live earlier this week and makes use of an additional 10% off stacking coupon code for the best prices. While there many more publishers in Bundle Stars sale (a full list here), most of the best offers are from 2K, and their coupon makes the best current price online for Civilization VI, XCOM 2 (which has a new expansion later this month), and NBA 2K17.

The other sale to pick up cheap 2K titles is GamersGate. There,Mafia III is near its lowest price ever. A few titles like BioShock Infinite along with the Legend and Gold Editions of NBA 2K17 are not available elsewhere, and thus are cheapest at GamersGate – many of which are matching or beating Steam Summer Sale pricing.

2K Games Bundle Stars Summer Sale

Use Code: SUMMER10

2K Games GamersGate Sale

The discounts for these 2K titles last through Sunday, August 13. Both sales end around this time with GamersGate going dead at 3PM Pacific on Sunday, and Bundle Stars going for a few more hours. If we spot new batches arriving from the publisher, we’ll add them to the list accordingly.