Dear Esther's Landmark Edition releasing on PC tomorrow, free upgrade for previous owners


Dear Diary

Dear Esther may not be that great of a game, but it did launch a fascination with an entire sub-genre. Dubbed the “Walking Simulator,” these games weave a dramatic tale all while providing audiovisual feedback in lieu of traditional gameplay. Some are more successful than others, but Dear Esther gets a lot of hate for being boring.

While the Landmark Edition that launched on PS4 and Xbox One didn’t seem to fix many issues with the game, it did at least improve the visuals and provide developer commentary. PC owners of the original release will be happy to know that, starting tomorrow, they’ll receive this updated version of the game for free.

Along with the announcement of this updated port, developer The Chinese Room has stated it will be sharing some big news tomorrow when the game releases. This may be related to a sequel for the game, but I’m guessing it is just news of its next title. I did actually enjoy Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, so I wouldn’t mind getting something more like that.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition hits PC and MAC tomorrow at 6pm GMT! [The Chinese Room]