Death Stranding will hit PC in June with a new photo mode and Half-Life crossover


June 2

The time has come to really get the in-depth info we wanted on Death Stranding PC.

After weeks of teasing, the curtain has been pulled back and we finally have a June 2 release date for Steam and the Epic Games Store. Kojima Productions confirms that the game will arrive in a “new photo mode,” as well as a high framerate and ultra-wide monitor support.

Kojima being Kojima, he also couldn’t resist bringing in some sort of crossover event into the game, and the Stream release gave him the excuse he needed for a Half-Life promotion. Although the details aren’t fully confirmed, there is a “sneak peek” at the promo by way of the end of the below video, which shows off a cosmetic Head Crab helmet for protagonist Sam.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the PC release, big picture: the game just came out last November on PS4.