Deathloop co-director Dinga Bakaba named new head of Arkane Lyon


The co-creative director of Arkane’s Deathloop will now reportedly lead the studio

Dinga Bakaba, who’s worked on several of Arkane’s big titles, has been appointed as its new studio head. VGC reports that Dinga Bakaba is taking on the role of studio director at Arkane Lyon, following the departure of its former head.

According to VGC, Bakaba will retain his position as co-creative director at the Lyon studio, alongside Deathloop co-director Sebastien Mitton. Bakaba will fill the seat of former head Romuald Capron, who left Arkane in October.

Capron also announced that he is working on a free educational game called PowerZ, and spoke to Rock Paper Shotgun about what the new project will be about.

“One of the pillars of the project is to co-create the game with children, so they can tell us their ideas and we can try and implement them,” Capron told RPS. “We are also trying to show the children how we make the game, they’re part of the process.”

Bakaba, meanwhile, has been with Arkane Lyon for just over 10 years, with credits on Dishonored and its sequel, as well as Wolfenstein: Youngbloodwhere he was the game director.

Considering Deathloop has been, at the very least, a critical success for Arkane and Bethesda, it’s heartening to see Bakaba step up into the lead role. Arkane overall is a studio whose projects always seem to grab my attention, and seeing the success of Deathloop translating into more from this creative team is pretty exciting.