Deathsmiles I & II DLC will crossover with Cave's Gothic wa Mahou Otome


More frilly dresses and big shoes than you can handle

Deathsmiles I & II hasn’t even taken to the skies yet, but that won’t stop publisher City Connection from already laying out some incoming DLC downloads, waiting in the wings for the Goth-Lolita shmup. Arriving day and date with the button-mashing title, the DLC pack will see characters from Cave’s mobile shmup Gothic wa Mahou Otome bring their own brand of Gothic warfare to the ladies of the Deathsmiles universe.

Players purchasing the DLC will see Gothic wa Matou Otome’s Cattleya, Ranun, Rosalie, Plumeria, and Souffle all join the Deathsmiles I & II playable roster. All five girls can be selected for use within all three featured titles — Deathsmiles, Deathsmiles Mega Black Label, and Deathsmiles II. All of the new characters have been redesigned on a visual and gameplay level in order to fit snugly into Deathsmiles engine, with new animations and voice-overs.

City Connection also took the time to announce several new features for Deathsmiles I & II, including an in-depth Training Mode — allowing for practice on any and all completed stages — as well as intricately filtered online leaderboards, perfect for all of you score-obsessed shmup fans. Additionally, Deathsmiles I & II will feature English, Japanese, French, and Spanish language options, so most western fans should be ok to bag a copy of the Japanese release.

Deathsmiles I & II launches in Japan on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch December 16. A special Gothic wa Mahou Otome LOVE MAX EDITION will include a copy of the game alongside an arranged soundtrack CD and the aforementioned Gothic wa Mahou Otome DLC pack.

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